Unit Linked Plans (ULIP) in India

Unit Linked Plans (ULIP) in India are very popular. ULIP is on top in the buzz list in India because it offers more advantages than regular life insurance plans. There are several financial benefits, such as higher returns on investment, partial withdrawal, flexibility to choose life cover, wider fund options, up facilities, free switches, tax advantages, etc.
If you are looking for long-term investment and better returns, ULIP is a good option to accomplish your objective. However, when people buy the ULIP they may find difficulties because there is a single, regular premium option. People need to choose the best choice for you.

ulip in india

They, will make a small payment in single premium ULIP, and enjoy the benefits over the duration of the program. In the case of a recurring premium, customer need to pay the premium on a regular basis, it can be made to pay yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly.
In investment terms, both offerings offer similar options, such as equity, debt, and liquid. Customers can request commitment to pay more under a single premium option. Yet, as a matter of loyalty, nobody would ask you to pay more for the single premium product.
A single premium product in the initial years of ULIP offers higher returns than a standard premium product. But, it’s the latter changing balance power down. But this is not in practice, because of IRDA regulations. Regular premium ULIP products are also good for a variety of factors, including affordability, tax benefit and large return.
ULIP charges are also to be regarded as single and regular premium. Also, taking an overview of different charges is important under ULIP plans. This covers premium allocation fees, risk cover fees, policy administration fees, fund management fees, operation tax fees, miscellaneous fees, etc ..
ULIP is, in the end, a pleasant combination of life cover and investment. But don’t buy it just for investment purposes, there are other good options for the money. Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is a life insurance approach that offers the investor the benefits of investment and versatility. This is a solution for life insurance where the value of the policy varies at a certain point depending on the value of the underlying assets at the time.
The investment is called Net Asset Value (NAV) and is defined by the interest it has achieved. In the 1960s ULIP entered into play and became very popular in Western Europe and America. The reason ULIP ‘s widespread success is attributed to is due to the simplicity and versatility it provides to customers.
As time progressed, the strategies were also successfully developed along with life insurance requirements for retirement planning. Today, ULIP offers solutions to all a client’s needs such as insurance preparation, investment needs, investment planning for the future of children, and retirement planning.

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Some of the Best Unit Linked Plans in India offered by Leading Life Insurance Companies are :

  1. Bajaj Allianz Future Gain Plan
  2. Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain
  3. Bajaj Allianz Fortune Gain Plan
  4. Bajaj Allianz Principal Gain Plan
  5. Bharti AXA Life Grow Wealth
  6. Bharti AXA Future Invest
  7. Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest
  8. Birla Sun Life Insurance-Fortune Elite Plan
  9. Birla Sun Life Insurance-Wealth Aspire Plan
  10. Birla Sun Life Insurance-Wealth Secure Plan
  11. Birla Sun Life Insurance-Wealth Assure Plan
  12. Birla Sun Life Insurance-Wealth Max Plan
  13. HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth Plan
  14. HDFC Life Classic One Plan
  15. HDFC Life Sampoorn Nivesh
  16. HDFC Life Capital Shield Plan
  17. HDFC Life Click 2 Invest Plan Review
  18. HDFC Life Pro Growth Plus Plan
  19. HDFC Life Single Premium Pension Super Plan
  20. HDFC Life Pro Growth Maximiser Plan
  21. HDFC Life Pro Growth Flexi Plan
  22. HDFC Life Young Star Super Premium
  23. HDFC Life Smart Woman Plan
  24. HDFC SL Crest
  25. HDFC SL Pro Growth Super II
  26. ICICI Pru SIgnature Plan
  27. ICICI Pru Smart Life Plan
  28. ICICI Pru1 Wealth Plan
  29. ICICI Pru Elite Wealth Super
  30. ICICI Pru Guaranteed Wealth Protector Plan
  31. ICICI Pru Life Time Classic
  32. ICICI Pru Elite Life Super
  33. ICICI Prudential Elite Life II
  34. ICICI Prudential Wealth Builder II
  35. ICICI Prudential Elite Wealth II
  36. Reliance Nippon Life Premier Wealth Insurance Plan
  37. Reliance Nippon Life Smart Savings Insurance Plan
  38. Reliance Life Pay Five Plan
  39. Reliance Life Insurance Classic Plan II
  40. SBI Life Saral InsureWealth Plus
  41. SBI Life eWealth Insurance Plan
  42. SBI Life Smart Privilege
  43. SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder Plan
  44. SBI Life Smart Power Insurance Plan
  45. SBI Life Smart Elite Plan
  46. SBI Life Smart Wealth Assure
  47. SBI Life Smart Scholar Plan
  48. SBI Life Saral Maha Anand
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