SWOT Analysis of Huggies [Step by Step Explained SWOT]

SWOT Analysis of Huggies focuses on Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strength and Weakness are the internal factors and Opportunities and Threats are the external factors which influence the SWOT Analysis of Huggies.

Huggies are disposable diapers that are manufactured by Kimberly Clark. Kimberly Clark is an American company based in Texas. The company started making diapers and also manufacture wipes. The brand has different types of diapers like snug & fit, overnight diapers, light diapers, training pants, and extra absorbent diapers. Diapers are available in different sizes and for different age groups. Huggies Diapers are extra soft from the inside. They have extra padding to reduce leakage. The waistbands of Huggies are also good. Huggies are also known for their cottony softness.

The design of the diaper has been introduced by experts with proper understanding of the body needs of various baby ages. 

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SWOT Analysis of Huggies – Huggies SWOT Analysis

  • Company: The company has been in the industry since the year 1968. The company is one of the first of its kind in the country, having set in motion a shift from the diaper culture.
  • Design o Diapers: The design of the diaper makes the baby feel secure. The diaper is known for its comforting fabrics due to the quality of the touch of the mother on the baby.
  • Perfect for Babies: Huggies have diapers for newborn babies right up to potty training. Diapers are designed to fit babies perfectly, giving the child a sense of comfort.
  • Health and Hygiene: Diapers are important to good health and hygiene because babies often need diapers. These actions make tourists increasingly conscious about respect for quality and standards in service.
  • Huggies has always been concentrated on product innovation and has been heavily involved in a lot of firsts.
  • Brand Portfolio: Huggies has built a strong portfolio of brands. The SWOT analysis of Huggies clearly confirms this element. This organization’s brand portfolio can be extremely useful for them if they want to enter new product lines.
  • Good ROI – Huggies is relatively successful at the execution of new projects and it generates good profits through its existing business. The company is generating a good return on its investments.
  • Good Training and Development Programmes for its Employees: High-level personal skills can be acquired through training and development programs. Huggies Inc is providing continuous training and development of its employees resulting in an enthusiastic and motivated team.
  • Strong Distribution Network: Huggies has proven to have a strong distribution network that can reach almost its entire market. A centralized distribution network has allowed its salespeople to expand their role to also provide information about the company’s products and overall service.
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Some of their first products included double grip and leak protection strips.

Weaknesses in the SWOT Analysis of Huggies – Huggies SWOT Analysis

  • Profitability: The profitability of Huggies is less than that of the industry average. The company has many goals to reach in terms of sales growth rate.
  • Weak USP: The USP of the diaper is quite weak and has smaller players who are posing as niche players.
  • Feedback System: Regularly customer has been giving feedback regarding the diapers while about the company.  The company must take and consider the feedback from customers to improve their products according to the need of customers.
  • Marketing Strategy: Due to the marketing strategies of the company Huggies is not able to increase its profits. The product is a success but the positioning and/or unique selling proposition of the product are not clearly defined.
  • High Attrition Rate: Compare to other organizations in the industry Huggies has more attrition rate and must spend more money on its employees.
  • Technology: Huggies needs to spend more money on technology to increase efficiency across the globe. Investing in technologies right now is not a wise decision for the company.
  • Organization Structure: Organization structure restricts the growth of organizations in adjacent product segments.
  • Limited Focus on R&D: There was limited focus on research and development of the product in Huggies which resulted in the product being unchanged and without adapting.

Opportunities in the SWOT Analysis of Huggies – Huggies SWOT Analysis

  • Working Culture: Due to the increase of women working in the workplaces, there has been an increase in the demand for baby care products will increase because of this.
  • Hygiene: There is a large need for hygiene because of the necessity of diapers in the modern era. This has led to an increased demand for diapers.
  • Increasing Income Levels The income of the middle and upper-class has been increasing in the last two decades. This means that people will spend more money on non-essential items because they have more confidence in the economy. This shift in demographics of parents being more interested in diapers will increase the market potential for diapers.
  • Modern Retail has increased the sales of businesses hence Huggies must concentrate on Modern Retail business.
  • Social Media Marketing and Internet marketing can increase the sales of Huggies. Promotions on Social Media can help the company to increase its sales by following AIDAS Theory of Selling Model.
  • Adult Diapers: Huggies can start manufacturing Adult diapers to generate more revenue.
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Threats in the SWOT Analysis of Huggies – Huggies SWOT Analysis

  • Use of Plastic Content: There is a widespread view that disposable diapers are unnecessary now because of their plastic content. This encourages many parents to switch to cloth nappies instead of diapers.
  • Intense Competition: Besides Pampers, Huggies also has competition from other local brands. They are also competing with small but growing niche players.
  • Government Norms: The government is facilitating the use and development of Diapers. But any change in government policies can directly or indirectly affect the business of Huggies.

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