SWOT Analysis of Britannia Industries Limited [Step by Step SWOT]

SWOT Analysis of Britannia focuses on Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. Britannia is one of India’s most popular FMCG bakery and dairy food manufacturing companies. Britannia’s core product portfolio is made up of a wide range of products with well-known brand names such as Good Day, Marie, Cheese, butter, etc. Britannia ‘s distribution is, of course, far and broad. The product line and distribution is the firm’s strongest point in the SWOT review by Britannia. The same topic is discussed in greater depth below.

swot analysis of britannia

Strength in the SWOT Analysis of Britannia – Britannia SWOT Analysis

  • Britannia is India’s only company that supplies bakery products for all income groups, allowing them to obtain a large share of the consumer wallet.
  • Britannia holds a 30% market share of the Indian biscuit market. High Product Recall: Because of its use in a wide variety of bakery products such as biscuits, rusk, cakes & dairy products such as milk, butter & cheese, etc., its shelf visibility is very high. Their targeted marketing and advertising campaigns also led to a positive word of mouth and high awareness of the TOMA (top-mind).
  • Serving Indian markets for the last 128 years: In the year 1892 Britannia was started in a small house situated at central Calcutta (now Kolkata) as a bakery which makes delicious golden brown biscuits. Britannia makes biscuits for British Officers in British Raj and their families, people who used English tea-time snacking to high standards. Britannia has served Indian consumers with its wide range of rich flavor, fresh and nutritious biscuits. Britannia is today India’s leading food company with more than Rs. 6000 crores of revenue, providing more than half of the Indian population with a wide range of products available across 3.5 million retail outlets.
  • Britannia has a revenue of 1.5 Billion Dollars, Net Income is 1660 Million US Dollars.
  • Britannia has an employee base of 4480.
  • In-depth range of products: it has various products for every income group with a broad variety of food categories such as tiger biscuits, milk bikis, good day, whiskey, small hearts, crackers, nutria choice. Business penetration and distribution: having such massive SKUs on the market and making them available through its extensive distribution network, Britannia has penetrated every corner of the planet.
  • Britannia provides tasty and balanced options of cookies, bread, coffee, roast, and a range of dairy items, including milk, curd, and specially formulated functional dairy-based beverages.
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Weakness in the SWOT Analysis of Britannia – Britannia SWOT Analysis

  • Over-dependence on the biscuit industry: The biscuit industry accounts for 75% of Britannia ‘s sales. Because they are likewise market leaders but too reliant on the same, their long-term business life will be affected.
  • Different brands have become commoditized over time: glucose cookies such as Bourbon & Britannia have become commoditized over time, as in the case of “bourbon,” Parle has also introduced “Parle bourbon” cookies. ¬†When used in the same way by other companies, brand name creates confusion in the minds of customers which leads to a loss of sales.
  • No overseas presence: Besides India, Britannia is also present through subsidiaries in Dubai & Oman. The total export of the goods, however, is much less than their actual potential.
  • Struggling dairy industry: the dairy sector contributes only 5 percent of the total revenues of the company.

Opportunities in the SWOT Analysis of Britannia – Britannia SWOT Analysis

  • Emerging Dairy Industry: features that form the dairy industry with organoleptic (flavor, taste & color), improving dairy products can help the company grow its market share and reposition itself in the dairy market.
  • Changing lifestyles and the demand for healthier food products: increased literacy rates, health education, evolving lifestyles, and rising disposable incomes are influencing the market for healthy food products. Overseas Market: extending its business to another international market will enable the company to become a global player in food products.

Threats in the SWOT Analysis of Britannia – Britannia SWOT Analysis

  • Market competition: Biscuits and bakery industry is facing tough competition with players like Priya Gold, ITC, Anmol, ITC, Parle, and it becomes very difficult for Britannia to distinguish itself from others. ¬†Falsified products often risk losing their brand reputation on the market.
  • Price of raw material: an increase in the price of goods would result in a further rise in the price of the finished product. More price rise may result in a decrease in productivity or a decline in demand.
  • Buyer’s power: FMCG market is highly diversified with many brands claiming different kinds of benefits, it is very difficult to create a brand-loyal customer. Customers need change and it is very difficult to retain customers. The company must focus on new variants, pack sizes, and promotions.
  • Reach is a major threat: Company must increase its reach in rural areas as the availability of the product can be a major threat.
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