SWOT Analysis of Amul – Amul SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis Example – SWOT analysis of Amul analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the brand / company. Strengths and weaknesses of Amul SWOT analysis are internal factors, while the external factors are opportunities and risks.

SWOT Analysis is a validated management method that helps a brand such as Amul to evaluate its company and success against rivals and industry. Amul is one of the world’s leading company for Milk and Milk products. In this article author has listed the top Amul competitors and illustrates the segmentation of the Amul market, target group, positioning & single sales proposal (USP).

Amul is one of India’s biggest producers of milk and milk products. Being known as the founder of the White Revolution in India, Amul has some strong products and sleeve brands, Amul ice cream being the strongest. The company also provides a highly profound product portfolio of cheeses, butter, curds, ice cream and other products in the Milk & Dairy products market. You can visit the following link to refer to the marketing mix of Amul.

SWOT Analysis of Amul

So the points in the Amul SWOT analysis are as follows :

SWOT analysis of Amul

Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Amul

  • Very strong market market share of ice cream and Milk Products – Amul has the largest market share in the Milk and ice cream sector, which allows to further sell other products.
  • Great brand equity – Amul is a cherished brand over the years, and it is especially worth mentioning the contribution of amul girls and their outdoor advertising. Amul has a brand name and has a good brand recall among customers.
  • Great control of quality-although Amul has such a broad and diverse distribution network, no qualitative concerns occur. Amul is associated with a strong network of more than 3 million milk producers.
  • Wide distribution network – Amul is a wide urban and rural distribution company. Even in small towns and villages you can find Amul present.
  • Good product portfolio-In comparison to any FMCG company, Amul has a deep product portfolio. It has a wide range of dairy food products such as cheese, butter, milk, lassi, buttermilk and many more. Amul has a wide range of flavors in ice creams too.
  • Largest milk producer- Amul is the largest milk producer in the world.
  • Quality – Amul is the biggest brand in Indian food. The quality of Amul is trusted.
  • Market Leader – Amul is a market leader in the butter category in India.
  • Great Promotional Strategie-The brand has been boosted by positive promotion and marketing campaigns. A renowned Amul Girl is the mascot of Amul Brand.
  • Strong Rural presence – Powerful rural presence of Amul is its most important thing to generate more revenue from Rural Markets.
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Weaknesses in the SWOT analysis of Amul

  • Cost of Operations and Margin : Operational activities of Amul’s is massive. And that’s the size. In fact, the market is so difficult to maintain the margins every day. Therefore, Amul needs to keep the operations the same way they are doing today to confront international players. It’s a perpetual obstacle for Amul rather than a weakness. In reality, the company faces a significant supply shortage during the summer months.
  • Chocolates – To expand the range and improve the bottom line, Amul requires more products in Chocolate Segment.
  • Competition – Heavy international and domestic ice cream and milk products reduces the market share of Amul.

Opportunities in the SWOT analysis of Amul

  • Export Opportunities – Amul may thus extend its product rapidly to other countries, growing its revenue and margins.
  • Concentrate more on chocolate market – Amul does not have a aggressive promotional and advertising policy that creates a problem with its introduction into other products. Amul should actually have independent SBUs and focus more on increasing its line of products through using chocolates or other such products.
  • Rural Market – Amul can tap Rural markets.

Threats in the SWOT analysis of Amul

  • Increased Ice cream product rivalry–Most local and international players enter the ice cream market and completely remove the Amul. Some of the few brands that compete directly with Amul are Kwality Walls, Organic, London Dairy, Havmor, Arun ice cream, Ramani, Vadilal.
  • Economic slowdown and inflation can affect business.

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