Scope of Employee Welfare

The scope of employee Welfare cannot be limited, since it differs according to social customs and the degree of industrialization indifferent countries and at different times. They have to be elastic and flexible enough to suit the conditions of the workers, and to include all the essential prerequisites of life and the minimum basic amenities. The laws of every country highlight directions to specific application to the working class, the necessity of securing just and humane conditions of work, for them. However, what these conditions actually imply cannot be specified in rigid terms for all times and situations.

Thus, the subject of Labour Welfare is fairly wide and is not limited to anyone country, region or industry. Writers and institutions have described its scope in different ways and from different angles. The line of demarcation cannot be very precise. But what should be common is that a welfare measure should enhance the working and living conditions of the workers and their families and make their lives better worth living. In other words, Labour Welfare policies should “Enable workers to live a richer and more satisfactory life”.

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