Questionnaire For Stress Management in an Organization

Questionnaire For Stress Management in an Organization is as follows:

Q1. Is work culture supportive in your organization?
a. Mostly
b. Rarely
c. Sometimes
d. Not at all

Q2. How often you face stress Situation in your organization.?
a. Mostly
b. Rarely
c. Sometimes
d. Not at all

Q3. Most of your Stress are related to :
a. Work Environment
b. Supervision
c. Workgroup
d. Social Injustice

Q4. How do you feel while working in the organization?
a. Great
b. Satisfied
c. Unable to concentrate
d. Frustrated
e. Depressed

Q5. Have you taken leave in the past 12 months due to work related stress?
a. Yes
b. No

Q6. Please estimate the average number of hours per week that you work (both on and off site) during term time.
a. 40 – 50
b. 50 – 60
c. 60 – Above

Q7. Please indicate total workload has changed during last three years?
a. Workload has decreased
b. Remained the
c. Same
d. Workload increased

Q8 Stress is related to Demand?
a. Dealing with Customers/ Colleagues
b. Administration
c. Need to hit targets/deadlines
d. Long working hours

Q9 Stress related to Support ?
a. Feeling work not valued
b. Lack of management support
c. Over competitive/ confrontational institutional culture
d. Incentive Policy

Q10. Whom does you report / share if you have any problems in your work ?
a. Superior
b. Colleagues (discussion)
c. Function Head
d. Head of HR department

Q11. How often you face stress situation being taken care off ?
a. Mostly
b. Rarely
c. Frequently
d. Not at all

Q12 How do you handle Stress situations?
a. Optimistically
b. With the help of others
c. Depends upon level

Q13. To what level the Management is effective in handling your Stress situation?
a. Completely
b. To a certain extent
c. To a satisfactory
d. Not at all

Q14. Does the upper Management pressure main reason for stress ?
a. Yes
b. No

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