Non Statutory Welfare Schemes

Many Non statutory welfare schemes may include the following schemes:

  1. Personal Health Care (Regular medical check-ups): Many businesses have facilities for comprehensive safety inspections
  2. Flexi-time: The primary purpose of the flextime program is to provide workers with the ability to work with flexible work schedules. Flexible work schedules are developed by employees and accepted by management to meet business obligations while meeting personal life needs of employees.
  3. Employee support programs: Different assistant programs are structured such as external counseling facilities so that employees or members of their immediate families can get help on various issues.
  4. Harassment Policy: To protect an employee from harassment of any sort, instructions are given for disciplinary action and also for the protection of the employee who has been grieved.
  5. Maternity & Adoption Leave: Workers can take maternity leaves or leaves for adoption. Various businesses have adopted parental leave programs.
  6. Medi-claim insurance plan: This insurance program offers sufficient medical coverage to workers for hospitalization costs due to sickness, illness or accident or pregnancy.
  7. Employee referral scheme: Worker referral scheme is introduced in many organizations to allow workers to refer friends and relatives to the company for jobs.

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