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mba marketing project topics
Project No.MBA Marketing Project Topics
1.MBA Marketing Project Report on E-Commerce Trends in India
2.MBA Marketing Project Report on a Comparative Study of Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing
3.MBA Marketing Project Report on analysis of Marketing Strategy of XYZ Company
4.MBA Marketing Project Report on analysis of Marketing Mix of XYZ Company
5.MBA Marketing Project Report on Analysis of Promotional Strategy of XYZ Company
6.A Study on Problems and Prospects of Marketing of Agricultural Products in Rural Areas
7.MBA Marketing Project Report on Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer buying behaviour
8.MBA Marketing Project Report on International Social Media Marketing
9.MBA Marketing Project Report on Impact of Online Shopping on Retailers
10.MBA Project on Visual Merchandizing activities of Big Bazaar or any other Retailers
11.MBA Marketing Project Report on Social Media Marketing and their benefits
12.MBA Marketing Project Report on After Sales Service Satisfaction in XYZ Automobiles
13.Analysis of Credit Cards offered by XYZ Company
14.MBA Marketing Project Report on Comparative Analysis of Credit Cards on the basis of satisfaction level of customers
15.A Comparative study on distribution channel of two FMCG Companies(MBA Marketing)
16.A Comparative Study on Paytm and PhonePe(MBA Marketing)
17.Sales Promotion Activities Big Bazaar(MBA Marketing)
18.Service Quality Management in XYZ Retail Store
19.Service Quality Management in XYZ Company
20.MBA Marketing Project Report on Impact of Online Marketing on Consumer buying behaviour
21.A Study on Facebook Marketing
22.A Study on Payment Gateways
23.A Study on Social Media Marketing with Special Reference to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn(MBA Marketing)
24.SWOT Analysis of XYZ Company
25.The Problem And Prospects Of Marketing Of Agricultural Products In Rural Areas
26.Comparative Analysis of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing(MBA Marketing)
27.Consumer buying behaviour towards Bisleri Mineral Water
28.Customer perception Towards ITC Products(MBA Marketing)
29.Analysis of Service Quality Management in XYZ Automobiles(MBA Marketing)
30.After Sales Service Satisfaction towards XYZ Electronics(MBA Marketing)
31.Supply Chain Management in a FMCG Company(MBA Marketing)
32.Brand Positioning of XYZ Company or XYZ Product
33.Comparative Analysis of Fiber to Home Services offered by BSNL and Reliance Jio(MBA Marketing)
34.Comparative Analysis of Reliance Jio Giga Fiber and Airtel Extreme(MBA Marketing)
35.Comparative Analysis of Value Added Services offered by XYZ Telecom
36.Comparative Analysis of Customer Support of two companies(MBA Marketing)
37.Comparative Analysis of Marketing Mix of Two Companies(MBA Marketing)
38.Social Media Marketing and its impact on Youth(MBA Marketing)
39.Analysis of Impact of Promotional offers on Consumer buying behaviour for XYZ Companies(MBA Marketing)
40.Analysis of customers view towards Home Brands of XYZ Retail(MBA Marketing)
41.Analysis of Loyalty Programmes of XYZ Company(MBA Marketing)
42.A Study on Customer Satisfaction Analysis of XYZ company
43.A Study on Distribution Channel of XYZ Company(MBA Marketing)
44.A Study on Market Segmentation of XYZ Company(MBA Marketing)
45.A Study on Retailer Satisfaction of XYZ Company(MBA Marketing)
46.A Study on Brand Image of XYZ Company(MBA Marketing)
47.A Study on Sales Promotional Activities of XYZ Company(MBA Marketing)
48.MBA Marketing Project Report on a study of Brand Loyalty of Customers towards XYZ Product(MBA Marketing)
49.MBA Marketing Project Report on a Study of Market Penetration of XYZ Company(MBA Marketing)
50.Analysis of Customer Satisfaction towards Loans offered by XYZ Bank(MBA Marketing)
51.Analysis of Customer Satisfaction towards Banking services offered by XYZ Bank
52.A Study on CRM Activities of XYZ Company(MBA Marketing)
53.Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on consumer buying behaviour(MBA Marketing)
54A Study on Factors influencing consumer buying ecisions(MBA Marketing)
56Brand Awareness of XYZ Company or XYZ Products(MBA Marketing)
57A Study on Customers view towards insurance policies of XYZ Insurance(MBA Marketing)
58A Study on customer satisfaction towards the benefits of Unit Linked insurance Plans offered by XYZ Insurance(MBA Marketing)
59A Study on benefits of classified advertising on sales of a Product(MBA Marketing)
60.Comparative Study of Private and public sector banks
61.A Comparative Study of Visa and Master Cards(MBA Marketing)
62.A analysis of Visa Cards and its benefits for customers(MBA Marketing)
63.A Study on Retailer Perception towards Asian Paints(MBA Marketing)
64.A Study on benefits of Customer Relationship Management activities of XYZ Company(MBA Marketing)
65.Market Research on Ayurvedic Toothpaste brands
66.Comparative Study of Patanjali Dantkanti and Colgate Ved Shakti(MBA Marketing)
67.Market Research to analyze the customers view towards NBFC(MBA Marketing)
68.Customer satisfaction towards Gold Loan Schemes Muthoot Finance(MBA Marketing)
69.Brand Image and its impact on buying decision of XYZ Product(MBA Marketing)
70.Impact of COVID on Small Retailers
71.Impact of COVID on Big Stores(MBA Marketing)
72.Impact of Pendamic on Online Education Portals like BYJUS
73.Impact of Sales of Small retailers due to Online Retail Apps(MBA Marketing)
74.Analysis of Service Quality Management through SERVQUAL Model in XYZ Bank(MBA Marketing)
75.Customer satisfaction towards General Insurance company
76.Analysis of Need of Insurance as a Investment Option(MBA Marketing)
77.Analysis of Customers satisfaction towards XYZ Mutual Funds(MBA Marketing)
78.Advertisement Effectiveness of XYZ Product(MBA Marketing)
79.Study on Benefits of Guerilla marketing in Retail Stores(MBA Marketing)
80.Analysis of Promotional offers on consumer buying behaviour(MBA Marketing)
81.Business Model of XYZ Company
82.Use of Business Analytics for increasing sales in big Retail Stores(MBA Marketing)
83.Analytical Study of two automobile companies(MBA Marketing)

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