Marketing Mix of Bajaj Auto Limited [Detailed Analysis]

Marketing Mix of Bajaj Auto Limited elaborates 7Ps – product, place, price, promotion, process, people, and physical evidence. Bajaj Auto Limited is the largest two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing Indian Multinational company. Bajaj Auto Limited is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. Bajaj Auto manufactures bikes, scooters, and three-wheeler. Bajaj auto was established by Jamnalal Bajaj in 1945 at Rajasthan. Bajaj has its oldest manufacturing plant in Akurdi Pune.

Bajaj Auto is ranked as the 3rd Largest manufacturer of bikes and the world’s largest manufacturer of three-wheeler. Bajaj Auto has a manufacturing capacity of 6330000 units of vehicles every year. Net income of Bajaj Auto in the year 2019 was 5100 crore rupees and total assets of Rs. 26510 Crores. Bajaj Auto has a huge employee base of 10000 employees.

Bajaj Auto faces a tough competition from:

2Hero Moto Corp
4Suzuki Motors
5Royal Enfield
marketing mix of bajaj auto limited

Product in the Marketing Mix of Bajaj Auto – Bajaj Auto Marketing Mix

Bajaj Auto Limited is an Indian Multinational company that manufactures many products. Bajaj is the most trusted brand in India. Bajaj Bikes are known for their performance and its after-sales services. Bajaj bikes work on Digital Twin Spark Ignition (DTSI). It is a patented technology of Bajaj Auto. Bajaj bikes have twin spark plug engines. Some of the products in the Product Mix are :

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Two Wheelers
Dominar 400
Dominar 250
Pulsar RS200
Pulsar NS200
Pulsar NS160
Pulsar 220F
Pulsar 150
Pulsar 150 Twin Disc
Pulsar 125 Neon
Pulsar 150 Neon
Pulsar 180F Neon
Avenger Cruise 220
Avenger Street 160
Platina 100
Platina 110H Gear
Bajaj CT100
Bajaj CT110
RE Optima
RE Maxima
RE Compact
RE Compact 4 Stroke
Four Wheeler

Price in the Marketing Mix of Bajaj Auto – Bajaj Auto Marketing Mix

Bajaj Auto has sold 2219677 two-wheelers and 211041 commercial vehicles up to November 2020. Total Sales up to November 2020 is 2430718. Bajaj Finserv is financing Bajaj Vehicles. This also helps Bajaj Group to generate more revenue. Around 35% of the total sales of Bajaj Auto comes from exports. Middle-Income groups are the main targets of Bajaj Auto. Bajaj Auto has always used a competitive pricing strategy to compete with its competitors and to reach the masses Bajaj has a good network of dealers in India.

Bajaj Bikes has bikes for every segment and every need. Bajaj Auto is an automotive giant. Bajaj understands that if the price of the product is low people prefer it more. This is the mantra for Bajaj Auto’s Success. Bajaj Auto also ensures the after-sales service cost for its two-wheelers are low and affordable. The prices of Spare parts are reasonable. The prices of Disc brake pads, brake pads, air filters, headlights and taillight assemblies, Engine oil are very reasonable.

Place in the Marketing Mix of Bajaj Auto – Bajaj Auto Marketing Mix

Bajaj Auto Limited has expanded its business in seventy countries worldwide, including locations in Africa Latin America, and Asia. Bajaj Auto Limited has its Headquarter in Pune, Maharashtra. Bajaj Autommanufactures bikes, scooters and three wheelers. Bajaj Auto is exporting a large amount (47%) of vehicles to Africa.Bajaj Auto has its presence in Cambodia, Dubai, Argentina, Egypt, Liberia, Ghana, Peru, Nigeria, Mexico, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Sudan.

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In India Bajaj Auto Limited has three plants at Waluj (Aurangabad), Chakan (Pune) and Pant Nagar (Uttaranchal). At Akurdi Pune Bajaj Auto has established Research and Development Centre. Bajaj Auto has patented DTSi Engine. Bajaj Auto has a vast reach India through its managed large distribution chain. Bajaj Auto has appointed a large number of distributors to increase its reach worldwide.

Bajaj Auto Limited has set up a large network of dealers and service centres and is present at every corner of India. Bajaj Auto has a good distribution channel. Its Distribution channel consists of Carrying and Forwarding Agents, Stockists, Dealers and Distributors in order to maintain proper supply of its products. Spare Parts are also delivered through this distribution system. Spare parts are priced less to reduce the maintenance cost of the vehicles. Bajaj Auto is following aggressive penetration strategy to reach masses.

Promotion in the Marketing Mix of Bajaj Auto – Bajaj Auto Marketing Mix

Bajaj Auto Limited is one of India’s most preferred automobile manufacturers.  Bajaj Auto is promoting its products by every possible method. Bajaj Auto is advertising its products through TV Advertisements, Newspaper Advertisements, Internet Advertisements, Road Shows, Auto Shows, Mela Promotions, Promotions through hoardings. Bajaj Auto is also using online promotions through Facebook Marketing, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.  Bajaj Auto is using both above the line and below the line marketing techniques to promote its products. Bajaj Auto is always eager to become the market leader for this Bajaj Auto has introduced new marketing techniques for creating awareness for its products.

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The company influence and introduced its customer engagement campaign via many social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook pages. Bajaj Auto is also promoting its products through   Celebrity endorsements.  Amir Khan is the brand ambassador of Bajaj Auto. Bajaj Auto is also promoting its products as Make in India Initiatives. People now are preferring local companies as requested by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi under Make In India Initiative. Being a Local company Bajaj Auto is getting advantage of this initiative.

People in the Marketing Mix of Bajaj Auto – Bajaj Auto Marketing Mix

Chairman of Bajaj Auto is Mr. Rahul Bajaj, Vice-Chairman is Mr. Madhur Bajaj and Managing Director is Mr. Rajiv Bajaj. Bajaj Auto has a specialized team for Research and Development, Marketing, Inventory, Supply Chain, etc. Total 10000 employees are working hard for making Bajaj Auto a successful organization.

Process in the Marketing Mix of Bajaj Auto – Bajaj Auto Marketing Mix

Bajaj Auto is following an ethical process for manufacturing its vehicles. Bajaj Auto is having state of art infrastructure facilities at three locations in India. Bajaj Auto is following the Total Quality Management process of manufacturing.

Physical Evidence in the Marketing Mix of Bajaj Auto – Bajaj Auto Marketing Mix

Dealers, Sales Staff, and Staff contact experience are good at Bajaj Auto. Bajaj Auto is giving good services to its customers. Customers are brand loyal because of their service satisfaction. Bajaj Auto’s customer-centric approach makes it the most favorable brand. Bajaj Auto Locations are good. Customers are satisfied with the performance of Vehicles.

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