Best Marketing Mix of Alibaba – Alibaba Marketing Mix (4Ps)

Marketing Mix of Alibaba–Alibaba Group Marketing Mix. This article on the marketing mix of Alibaba describes 4Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

One of the best e-commerce giants in the world. is consistently one of the top 20 traffic-related websites. It is also one organization that was primarily responsible for bringing China to the forefront of world trade.

China has good manufacturing capabilities and China does not have foreign entrants in its country. Like Baidu, he’s a Chinese search engine.

China mostly sells its products through e-commerce sites. Alibaba is the market leader in the e-commerce business in China. JackMa has also believed that Employee First Strategy which also makes as the largest organization in the world

Let’s look at the Marketing Mix of Alibaba

Product in the Marketing Mix of Alibaba – Alibaba Marketing Mix (4Ps)

The main product in the Alibaba Group is its e-commerce platform – This portal has the distinction of being the largest commercial portal in the world. Where Amazon and other e-commerce sites offer products to customers, Alibaba has brought the industry to the corporate market and is currently the pioneer.

Alibaba, via its other site – also makes smaller orders for small businesses. The biggest benefit of as an e-commerce site is that it can sell to 240 countries, allowing it direct access to a lot of sales turnover.

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In addition to, in China, the Alibaba Group has launched Taobao, an alternative to a Chinese e-commerce shop. It is the biggest e-commerce store in China and the second most visited website in China.

There are several other online items under Alibaba. When stated earlier, China is not a free market, an advantage that Alibaba took and followed a path close to that of Google in the USA.

There are several other companies in the Alibaba group. Some of them are :

  •–International brands E-commerce site for Chinese consumers
  • Juhuasuan–Group counterpart to company shopping in China
  • Alipay–Third-party payment network that is used by all Alibaba portals.
  • China Yahoo–As Yahoo was unable to develop itself directly in China, it collaborated with to launch China Yahoo!
  • Autonavi–Google Maps equivalent to Guided Navigation in China
  • Alibaba Pictures –In 2014, Alibaba joined the China Vision Media Association to launch Alibaba images. In the same way, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, has an investment in Youko Tudou, an online broadcaster for popular TV programs

Overall, as we can see, Alibaba has increased its online presence with its new presence in the US as well.

Marketing Mix of Alibaba

Price in the Marketing Mix of Alibaba – Alibaba Marketing Mix (4Ps)

Like every other site, Alibaba has very low prices and its fee is very small to encourage businessmen to do their own business. This is why Alibaba has so rapidly scaled such great heights. Owing to the low-cost nature of Chinese goods, it can be argued that Alibaba has penetrative pricing.

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Also Taobao, the user of the Alibaba Business Platform, barely charges any fees. The gains come primarily from advertisements and not from anything else.

Compared to the high prices paid by Amazon or other portals to their vendors, Alibaba has a very small fee and can, therefore, be considered to be a penetrative product.

Place in the Marketing Mix of Alibaba – Alibaba Marketing Mix (4Ps)

Alibaba’s Marketing Mix has wide and wide scope around the globe. It has recently joined the US with the IPO and is also expanding its teams in various Asian countries. One of the key benefits of Alibaba is that it comes from China, where the bulk production is carried out. There are exporters ready to do business, and importers are willing to buy goods in other countries. It’s a win-win situation for all of them.

As of today, is the only portal with an international presence, while all the other portals of the Alibaba Group are based in China only. However, most of them are market leaders, with Taobao being the market leader for digital channels, Autonavi being the market leader for maps and, similarly, Tmall having a strong market share for the selling of global brands.

Overall, Alibaba says that it will sell to 240 countries from its foreign sector through the sector portal. At the same time, the portal is increasing its real presence in the world.

Promotions in the Marketing Mix of Alibaba – Alibaba Marketing Mix (4Ps)

Alibaba is known to actively promote its digital e-commerce portal. Because most of the services are digital, digital advertisements are seen around the world. Alibaba promotes the portal above the line as well as below the line inside China. It uses Hoardings, digital ads, and marketing campaigns to advertise below the line. And above the ground, it uses television, print, and radio.

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Outside China, TV advertisements were released, the key focus being the B2B market portal and the bulk commodity supplier. Here’s a European ad on



Alibaba’s selling fees is its competitive advantage. In China and the Rest of the world market opportunity of Alibaba is good due to its promotional strategy. Alibaba’s strategy is effective. Alibaba’s concept of Employee First is the key success strategy.