Marketing Mix of ACC Cement – ACC Limited Marketing Mix

This article is on the Marketing Mix of ACC Cement focuses on 4P’s named product, price, place, and promotion. Associated Cement Companies Limited is the full name of ACC Cement.ACC Cement is the largest cement producer in India and its subcontinent. The company supports most of the leading projects in India, South Asian Countries and Bangladesh. ACC Cement’s registered office is in Mumbai. ACC Office at Mumbai is popularly known as Cement House.

About ten cement firms came together in 1936 to create the Cement Firms Association, but over time things changed, industries grew and ACC became an independent corporation. ACC Cement is listed on the Indian Share Market and has a prominent role to play in driving it. Cement is the most work performed by ACC Cement; it began as a unit of cement producers, but for some time now, it’s performed on its own.

Marketing Mix of ACC Cement

The Product in the Marketing Mix of ACC Cement – ACC Limited Marketing Mix

ACC Cement plays a crucial role in the growth of infrastructure in India. In cooperation with the State and other private parties on a regular basis, it has contributed a great deal to major and significant ventures in recent decades. In particular, the company provides the world with quality cement. A few varieties have recently been launched in cement, and all of them have been doing well on the market. ACC Cement is one of the leading firms with a strong market share. They have come to please customers by flooding the planet with quality cement.

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Portland cement

Blended cement

Ready-mixed concrete


Place in the Marketing Mix of ACC Cement – ACC Limited Marketing Mix

Since ACC became an organization, it has built a wide distribution network in the country today when it operates individually; it is still trying to allocate workload equally between states and manufacturing units. The Standard of production has allowed ACC Cement to be an integral part of the country’s ambitious ventures.

Jamul, Sindri, Vizag, Wadi, Kymore and New Wadi Plants are major ACC Cement production units in India. A major part of ACC Cement is produced from these manufacturing plants. ACC has good distribution channels and franchisee network to reach customers. The company’s online presence has grown significantly and customers can place their orders online. The mission of the company is to be readily accessible and available on almost every front. Significant sales of ACC are made directly to builders and real estate firms.

Here they face stiff competition from Ambuja and Ultratech cement. Nonetheless, ACC is still very good as a brand, and so there is a good market appeal for the company. The organization also operates via the conventional distribution chain, which includes manufacturers, dealers, and distributors.


Price in the Marketing Mix of ACC Cement – ACC Limited Marketing Mix

ACC Cement Cost and Packaging Advertising Mix are two important parts of ACC’s tremendous success. The company is established in the Indian market and knows how to operate in India, so they were able to make a better decision.

The company sells goods to both small-scale as well as large-scale ventures and thus has quite a good price along with versatile packaging options. ACC pricing strategy is competitive and new cement brands cannot easily compete with ACC. Cement bag ranges from 280 INR to 350 Indian Rupees Different packaging sizes are available to match everyone’s needs, particularly large cement bags that are most commonly sold to distributors and dealers.

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The organization has been very attentive to customer reviews, which is quite evident in the form of change.

Promotions in the Marketing Mix of ACC Cement – ACC Limited Marketing Mix

ACC was once a unit of several cement firms and thus did not need ads. People initially trusted ACC because it had investors like Tata; over time, even though it was not a mix of businesses, people continued to trust ACC because of the commitment that the company had maintained. Word of Mouth has become a significant advertising tool for ACC in recent years, but Television advertisements and radio ads are indispensable.


ACC has that really strong TV Commercial, where the CEMENTING RELATIONSHIPS slogans are eye-catching and make people trust the brand. The outstanding show of ingenuity and the holistic method for serving customers enabled the company to keep it afloat. Another TV advertisement with the slogan ‘ Cement Se Badhkar’ has helped people to trust the brand more than ever before. Nonetheless, as far as advertisements are concerned, the two brands that are overshadowing ACC are actually Ambuja and Ultratech. Yet ACC has yet to demonstrate its brand strength through ATL newspapers, or even through5-007. ACC cement quality overshadows all other factors.