International Business

The Technology era since the last two decades is bringing a fundamental shift in business around the globe. The national economies are opening up and allowing cross border trade and investments. Technologies are helping to reduce distances and improve business.

Business is a medium of growth for any country. When a business grows internationally country’s economy also grows.

International Business is a combination of two words :

“International Business is doing business across national political boundaries”. The business transactions may be importing, exporting, and in the form of goods in any areas of transactions like transfer of process knowledge, managerial inputs, capital investments, and consultancy.

In other words – when the business of a country that type of business is called international business. It is concerned with the movement of goods and services, capital technology, raw material, manpower, etc.

International business also includes :

  • Cross border transaction in Intellectual property rights for e.g. patents, trademarks copyrighting.
  • Investment in physical and financial assets in a foreign country.
  • Contract manufacturing or assembly of goods.
  • Buying and selling in foreign countries through imports and exports.
  • Establishment of warehousing and distribution system.

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