Functions of Employee Relationship Management

Following are the Important Functions of Employee Relationship Management

  1. Promoting a living, demanding, and diverse working community.
  2. To attempt to improve faith and values, employees are motivated to give 100%.
  3. Bringing out internal talent, ingenuity, and fresh creative ideas and thoughts from employees.
  4. To handle all workers equally without prejudice or preferentiality.
  5. Build better teamwork and collaboration in order to prevent organizational disputes.
  6. Promoting the involvement of the workforce in decision making, workshops, learning, and community programs.
  7. Keep employees accountable and concentrate on their job and make them know their interests and commitment to the company.
  8. To increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and competence of employees.
  9. To increase the versatility of workers so that they can assume additional responsibilities when appropriate.
  10. The company will be there second home that is stress-free with improved amenities and other additional facilities including a gym, food courts, and music while getting coffee in a rack room helps to sustain a work atmosphere in which workers feel they ‘re thriving.
  11. Health checks are carried out routinely so that employers know they have been given extra consideration and care to improve their wellbeing by the provision of free medical facilities.


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