Comparison of Reliance Mart, Best price, D-Mart and Big Bazaar

In this article we will compare Reliance Mart, Best Price, D-Mart and Big Bazaar.

ComparisonReliance MartBest PriceD-MartBig Bazaar
PricingComparatively OK but when people have choice they prefer D-Mart More as compared to Reliance Mart  LessVery Less in some food and Grocery Items Like Brooke Bond Red label Tea is Sold in 269 which attract customersMostly Items are sold on MRP Offers are not more on Groceries
Oil PricingOkOKLess as compared to Reliance, Best Price and Big BazaarEqual to MRP
PromotionsPricing Are Not Clearly Informed on the ShelfsPricing are Well informedPricing are Well Informed on ShelfsPricing are Informed
Executives to EscortReliance has executives but they just tell What customer is asking and does not give options to the customers and tell them about the offers. Reliance Must Train their employeesNot LargeNo Executives are Appointed to Escort Customers but People have to ask The Counter Person toA Large Number of Executives are appointed by Big Bazaar
Visual Merchandising ActivitiesVisual Merchandising is not good, Proper Arrangement of Items is not their Sections are not according to the basic needsProper Arrangement is thereVisual Merchandising is good different sections according to basic needsDifferent Sections for different items
EntryEntry is not Well Maintained Shelf’s related to basic needs must be in the first orderProper Arrangement is there according to the spaceEntry is good items are arranged in proper formatItems are arranged in proper sections
Professional ApproachEmployees at the Billing Counters don’t have professional ApproachApproach is good willing to help customersPricing is less Professional Approach is there i.e. they convince customers regarding the products and other offersVery professional Person at the billing counter is showing great interest in and attracting customers to buy their loyalty card. i.e. buy for 5000 you will get 6000 but the customers are unaware that they are paying purchasing items on MRP. At some occasions they are giving discount to customers who are having loyalty cards
Quality of ItemsGoodGoodGoodGood
ProductsCompany can reduce pricing by buying products from local vendors. And Promoting them heavily through Visual MerchandisingProducts are good but purchasing in bulkD-Mart is promoting its own home brandsBig Bazaar is also promoting products of various vendors
Reducing Price on buy 1 get 1 ItemsTaking Half Price if only 1 item is needed in some cases. No Discount on buy 1 get 1like in Besan Reliance has not reduced the price and giving 1 kg in actual rate and saying buy 500 gm and get 500 gm free. Customer is not So Fool. Customers can get attracted but this type of offers harms the image of the store.No Such offersTaking Half Price if only 1 item is needed 
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