Best Questionnaire for Employee Motivation

Q1. Since how many years you have been working in this organization ?
a. 0-5 Years b. 5-10 Years
c. 10-15 Years d. More than 15 Years

Q2. Rate your level of satisfaction with the working culture of the organization?
a. Highly Satisfied b. Satisfied
c. Average d. Dissatisfied
e. Highly Dissatisfied

Q3. Rate the statement “Top Management is interested in motivating the
a. Strongly Agree b. Agree
c. Neutral d. Disagree
e. Strong Disagree

Q4. Which type of incentives motivates you more ?
a. Incentive Awards b. Promotion
c. Appreciation letters

Q5. How far you are satisfied with the incentives provided by the Organization?
a. Highly Satisfied b. Satisfied
c. Dissatisfied d. Highly Dissatisfied

Q6. Please rate the below on the following rating ?
1 – Strongly Agree 2 – Agree
3 – Neutral 4 – Disagree
5 – Strongly Disagree
i. Reasonable periodical increase in salary
ii. Job Security
iii. Good Relationship with other staff members
iv. Effective performance appraisal system
v. Effective promotional opportunities
vi. Performance appraisal activities are helpful to get motivated
vii. Support from the other staff members is helpful to get motivated
viii. Organization recognize and acknowledge your work.
ix. Organizational Policies motivates for achieving its aims and objectives

Q7. Which of the following factors which motivates you most ?
a. Salary Increase b. Promotion
c. Leave d. Motivational talks
e. Recognition

Q8. Do you think that incentives and other benefits will influence your
performance ?
a. Influence b. Does not influence
c. No Opinion

Q9. Does the Top Management involve you in decision making which are connected to your department?
a. Yes b. No c. Occasionally

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